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Lauderdale last month, I purchased two Groupons for a full day on the water taxi.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time since a good portion of this reunion involved adult beverages and a movable feast of sorts from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. My first problem came up when I arrived at the water taxi stop across the street from my hotel and was told that the coupon could only be redeemed at another taxi stop at the edge of town.

In fact, they told me that the coupon could only be redeemed at a single spot in Fort Lauderdale. Since the stop was not very far, I drove over and spoke with the water taxi representative who then told me that the coupon could only be used if I first took the taxi to Hollywood Beach, an hour to the south, and then returned to Fort Lauderdale.

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Only then, would I be given a full-day pass to the water taxi for Fort Lauderdale. Looks like the marketing director who thought this one up had worked for the time-share industry. Naturally, I protested, but to no avail. I showed the representative at the dock my Groupon — nowhere on the printout was there any mention of having to spend two hours boating to Hollywood Beach.

I pulled up the original offer on my iPhone and read through it once again. Maybe , there was language that might suggest that a tour to Hollywood Beach was necessary, but no explicit language at all. I got the number of the water taxi headquarters, called and got no satisfaction.

The Groupon help line was not operation over the weekend something they should probably change now that they are worth billions of dollars. So, grumbling, I went on with my celebrations.

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In the end, it turned out, the water taxi would have been too slow and probably would have been more of a hassle than a help. But, that assessment would have been my own, not something forced on me by slippery offer language. I went on with my weekend and when I returned to Washington, I sent Groupon an email outlining my experience and asking for a refund. The offered to allow me to hold on to the coupon until a future trip or they would immediately refund my money with a Groupon credit. I took the latter and it showed up in my account almost immediately.

My second experience with Groupon started with an email from Groupon informing me that I had not used a Groupon that I had purchased. In fact it was a Body Shop Groupon that I had sent as a gift to my sister-in-law. Evidently she had not opened the email and was not familiar with Groupon. At first, my cheapster heart sank a bit.

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Darn, not only did I lose the bargain, but I lost my money too. Visitors can marvel at the panoramic views from the tallest building in the world; includes a treat at the cafe. Explore the underwater world with an explorer package, including attractions such as a glass-bottom boat ride and aquarium tunnel entry.

Embark on a safari featuring attractions such as dune bashing, henna painting and belly dance; pick-up available across Dubai and Sharjah. Adventure seekers can set off on a desert safari that features quad biking, camel riding, a belly dance show and a BBQ buffet dinner.

Customers can admire wonders of the desert during a six-hour safari experience paired with 30 minutes of quad biking, dune bashing and more. This six-hour experience allows participants to enjoy the scenery of the Red Dunes and take part in activities at the desert camp.

Embark on a desert safari with attractions including dune bashing, henna painting, live entertainment, and barbecue buffet. Up to six visitors can marvel at the panoramic views of the tallest building in the world and experience an adventure in virtual reality.

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Enjoy over 80 climbing, tree-surfing, zip-lining and rope-crossing challenges spread over five levels among the greenery of Mushrif Park. Up to nine people can test their wits, detective skills and calm nerves in an escape room experience meant to puzzle and frighten. Moviegoers can tuck into a two-course meal while watching a film on a big screen at Reel Cinemas, Jebel Ali Recreation Club.

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One or two adrenaline-seekers can enjoy a or minute quad bike ride on a choice of cc or cc vehicle. Up to six players can experience immersive rides, interactive games and educational journeys thanks to the VR technology. Up to four adventurers can explore the desert and enjoy dune bashing, camel riding and sand boarding; Arabic costumes included. The game is designed to put the participants to the test as they race against time to solve riddles and escape the room within 60 minutes.

Groups of up to six visitors can put their orientation skills to the test and find a way out of a network of corridors of this mirror maze.

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For an evening less ordinary, explore the deserts of Dubai with dune bashing, sand boarding and traditional barbecue dinner. Children of all ages can enjoy an hour of play area access and munch on an optional cheese pizza at this Dubai entertainment centre.

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  • A team of three to six players can test their teamwork skills as they take on a series of physical and mental challenges. Sharp minds are put to the test as they race against time trying to solve riddles and escape the room in 60 minutes. Three to ten players can use logical thinking and look for clues to solve the mystery and get out of a locked room; five games available. Visitors can explore this haunted house and try to avoid the despairing parents and their ghostly children roaming the premises. Up to four visitors can see thousands of aquatic animals living in this million-litre Dubai Aquarium tank.

    Up to 20 kids can party in style thanks to a choice of two birthday packages that feature food and drink, and a dedicated party host.

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