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At the time, it was one of the best tablets in its price range with the largest drawing area. This model is equipped with a new, more ergonomic and more functional Wacom tablet pen. They increased the pressure sensitivity by changing it from to levels. The Wacom Intuos line offers great opportunities for amateur tablet buyers or those on a tight budget.

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It is well-made, very light and thin, with enough resolution to work on large displays. The Wacom Intuos is the latest update of the low-cost Wacom drawing tablets.

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It has the same price as the previous Intuos version but differs in several aspects. The tablet pen has also changed for better. Currently, there are more than 4, levels of stylus touch sensitivity. It means that you can get really nice, smooth transitions between opacity and line width.

As a result, digital drawing seems more natural. Unfortunately, there is no eraser on the end of the stylus. Bluetooth is only available on small and medium models. Bluetooth is a wireless technology, so you can simply disconnect the tablet from USB and use it without any wires. You can sit everywhere in the room while you are drawing, you are not tied to your computer. When it comes to accurate photo editing, a graphic tablet is must-have. The Wacom Intuos was created to imitate a large sheet of paper — a tactile experience that many young digital artists may not have experienced while using the mouse.

Photo editing becomes more precise and faster. The user selects the orientation of the gadget and the way it will be displayed on the computer screen. You will find eight customizable express keys and a touch ring on one side of the tablet.

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The power switch and touch function switch are located on the side of the tablet next to the hotkeys. The optional USB module is found on the opposite side. The Wacom Pro Pen 2 contains additional overhangs. The pen has two buttons that are easily adjusted. Turn it upside down and you can use it as an eraser. This is one of the best Wacom tablets for drawing and has a rubber grip at the bottom to keep it in place, and its thin profile makes it easy to move or store in cramped spaces.

Many experts consider it the best drawing tablet for artists. The quality of the screen is excellent. One thing I noticed in the display is that at certain times of the day, there was a glare since the screen is not completely matte. There was also a problem with the display being scratched too easily.

This Wacom tablet also comes with 18 programmable Express Keys, nine on each side of the tablet. In our opinion, this number of Express Keys is more than enough for any professional photo editor, especially if they are combined with each other, as well as with gestures. In total, there are more than combinations. The stand that comes with this tablet works well. While drawing, you can use different degrees of tilt so the tablet is always in the desired position. The Wacom tablet pen has a smaller and more smooth design that feels better in the hand than older models.

This Wacom device is probably the best tablet for a professional artist who needs more workspace. This model belongs on the list of the best digital drawing tablets. The inch screen is large enough to enjoy drawing without feeling cramped. But the inch canvas is more suitable for you to work in the studio if you have a workplace to locate it.

Why use a pen instead of a mouse

Using this best Wacom tablet you can apply long strokes while drawing and get nice details. The superb ProPen 2 comes with the set. This amazing tool was first released by Mobile StudioPro devices. I believe that the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro may still be the best in terms of responsiveness and nuances. It is one of the best tablets for graphic designers. This model was released in order to give you an experience with a digital canvas and make your work more exciting.

Wacom has a simple user interface that eliminates the fear of designers and digital artists and allows them to enter the digital world. The Wacom tablet pen is one of the key points, which offers a great 8, pressure sensitivity level. This tablet works on both Mac and Windows.

This fact is reflected in its design, which puts functionality before the aesthetics. The inch model is quite portable, although a bit massive.


Best Drawing Tablet

The pen is convenient to use. Its weight of 1. The quality of construction is excellent. The impressive Wacom Express Key system makes it easy to use photo editing software despite the lack of an attached keyboard. If you want to get one, a wireless keyboard is available as an add-on. The Wacom MobileStudio Pro display is one of the most appealing characteristics of this model.

Therefore, I recommend the inch model over a more compact version.

10 Best Wacom 4th of July Deals [Drawing Tablet]

The screen is perfectly calibrated, and the Pro Pen 2 is one of the best styluses available on the market. To work well with Wacom graphics tablets, you need certain accessories. A lot of them have been created since the launch of Wacom tablets, so there are plenty to choose from. The same body with a rubberized grip, good balance, light weight and tip sensitivity to 4, levels of pressure will be a perfect choice.

wacom graphics drawing tablet

Makes your work more accurate and productive. This pen has up to 8, levels of pressure, recognizes tilt and works with almost no delays. The Pro Pen 3D has everything you need for convenient work with the best Wacom tablet in all three dimensions. Three pen buttons are handily located and allow you to control the camera along three axes in all popular 3D applications.

Each button is quickly configured to perform many functions virtually in every 2D and 3D program. I had asked him about it once and he said he had no reason to ever look for another. Pretty great reviews from other users, too! I love, loveeee using this one at work for a few reasons. So you can zoom in and out and rotate using your fingers just like on an iphone. There you go! Feeling Happy n Proud that you are really striving hard to encourage upcoming designers n artists like me! Hey, The one I have at home would still be my recommended Wacom-specific one. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Products , Roundups. January 21, I help ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers level-up their skills and creativity.

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